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I Feel Good!

Yeah, I know there will be ups and downs. But that second injection seems to have WORKED! Pain is relative, but when it's greatly reduced, or (wow!) gone ... you're just so darn grateful.
Today's scent: Shocking by Schiaparelli. As Nancy describes it, so much better than I could: A wonderful and surprising blend of rose, jasmine, narcissus, moss, vanilla, raspberry, and tarragon. A classic that is still fresh and new. Once I get past the raspberry, it's all good.
And Today We Caucus. On the Democratic side, we only have good choices. Hope I don't have to sit on any twenty-somethings to make them see the wisdom of my thoughts.
Postscript re Doug's question about spleen: I didn't really vent mine when, if you were caucusing for Hillary in one Washington state precinct this afternoon, you got stomped. It does look like Obama is going to sweep the state.


Blogger Doug said...

Hey, well done. Glad your spine is well. How's the ol' spleen?

3:21 PM

Blogger ariel said...

The word shocking brings a completely different scent to my mind. :-P Hurray for the painless times!

2:17 AM


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