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So, for the first time in history, the populace is ostensibly being given a voting choice other than a (usually Old) White Man.

Are we really willing to discard that chance by arguing whether gender or race is more important?

Don't salt the earth on this one, Hillary and Obama. Make it possible for one of you to succeed by not flinging mud.

Leave that to the Old White Men.


Blogger Doug said...

You rang?

12:16 PM

Blogger ariel said...

She looks bitter. I think, she had a younger lover who left her for a younger woman, a boring girl who knows nothing about men and the world in general, and she is now remembering the times when she was young and boring herself, and didn't have to be smart and mysterious to catch the attetnion of men.

1:48 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Ariel, you're not talking about Hillary, are you? xoxo

2:17 PM

Blogger Nessa said...

They had stopped for a while, now they're back at it.

3:35 AM

Blogger Bela said...

I may be wrong but I don't think your country is quite ready for either of them.

11:12 AM

Blogger ariel said...

No, I meant the woman on the wall. :-)

10:43 PM

Blogger WinterWheat said...

'Tis the season when my disgust-o-meter is turned up high.

4:06 PM


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