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Rich Hippie Wild Thing

One of the very first unattainable perfumes I fell in love with was Rich Hippie Wild Thing. Its "organic and wildcrafted" nature -- per the marketing hype of the company who created it -- made it obscenely expensive, to the tune of two oz. for $1225.

But they recently came out with the vastly more accessible 1/8 oz rollerball size (plus a discount) and -- since I recently came so near to death -- ok, so I didn't come near death, but I do have a bruise on my wrist from the IV -- I now actually own a few drops of the stuff.

And I'm sniffing it on said bruised wrist right now. *preen*

Rich Hippie Wild Thing: "Intoxicating, romantic and sensual floral with rare Indian Jasmine, Albanian Orris Root and Egyptian Rose."

I'm still sneering at it, but underneath I'm thrilled. Thrilled.


Blogger ariel said...

Nice little gift to welcome you on the painless side of life. :-) Happy to hear you are better and smell intoxicating, romantic and sensual!

12:03 AM

Blogger tsduff said...

Well, the price is a real bummer - what hippie could afford it? Would love to give it a sniff.

5:21 PM


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