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Long Ago, In a Land Far Away ...

This is the castle Neuschwanstein in south Bavaria. Built by King Ludwig (sometimes known as Mad Ludwig, maybe for his crazy architectural ideas?).

It's comparatively young (19th century) and is supposedly the model for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle. It has a fascinating history, of which I remember almost nothing.

All I remember is an unexpectedly cold, barren interior, with tapestries on the walls. I remember one in particular, faded red, depicting scenes from Wagnerian opera.

And I remember, "Entschuldigen Sie, bitte. Wo ist das badezimmer? Schnell?"

It's beautiful, though, from a distance. Like so many things.


Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

How fabulous. I would LOVE to visit there. It's so amazing that it's almost unreal.

9:10 AM

Blogger Bela said...

He probably wasn't mad - just a repressed homosexual, trapped in a role he didn't want to play. Wagner didn't have the best influence on him, but, then, he had a terrible influence on lots of people. Ludwig had several mad castles built, but this one is definitely the most quirky. It is beautiful, and I love Disney. :-)

10:06 AM


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