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Jean Shrimpton: Yes. Katie Couric: No.

Why would I spend a good three hours of REM sleep being reincarnated into Katie Couric AS A CHEERLEADER?

Seriously, I woke up this morning to memories of being Katie Couric AS A MERCER ISLAND CHEERLEADER.

It was me in that flippy short skirt, long blond hair and perpetually perky grin.

Oh, and there was a Svengalic male cheerleader advisor (does that ever happen?) who seemed a lot like Bob Saget (who I have never willingly watched on anything). (I barely know who the man is.) (But there he is, offering cheerleading tips.) (To ME, the squad captain.) (Hrmph.)

Let's deconstruct this.

Katie Couric and I are both short, have fought being called cute all our lives, are extremely verbal and power hungry.

My ex-husband was from Mercer Island, Washington ... but, to the best of my knowledge, never attended a high school sports event (he was the sullen artsy type), nor was involved with any cheerleader types (he hates blondes).

So, on that weak platform, any semblance of similarity ends. I cannot explain how her physicality got into my subconscious pervasively enough to dominate my dream sleep last night.

But I can tell you, I didn't like it.

Tonight I will schedule my dream sequence around being Jean Shrimpton (this one's for you, Annie!*).


Blogger Yesrie said...

What I wouldn't have given to BE Jean Shrimpton ;> IMO she was the best since Suzy Parker, and I'm still waiting for the next contender.

Do not pass on your Katie Couric Nightmare cooties to me.

I admit to having watched Saget voluntarily. However, my daughter is approximately a year and a half older than the Olsen twins, so "Full House" was relatively hilarious for me, especially Dave Coulier's foolishness :>

1:57 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Katie Couric cooties! LOLOLOL!!

2:23 PM

Blogger Annieytown said...

Thank you M!
Jean Shrimpton was the best. I have a picture of her in that same dress with Terrance Stamp. They were such a striking couple. His beauty was breathtaking. One of my favorite movies of his...Priscilla queen of the desert.

4:51 AM


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