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Maid of Orleans 1.15.1413 - 5.30.1431

"I am not afraid. I was born to do this."

Today is the feast day -- also commemorating the execution date -- of Joan of Arc, patron saint of soldiers, prisoners and rape victims.

Lauded and condemned and canonized for following what she believed to be the direction of St. Michael, St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Margaret, Joan led French troops to victory and then defeat but then ultimately contributed to turning the Hundred Years' War in France's favor.

" 'Daughter of God, go on, go on, go on! I will be your help. Go on!' When I hear this voice, I feel such great joy that I wish I could always hear it!"

Peasant girl, woman warrior with divine mission, kingmaker, political and ecclesiastical pawn ... tortured prisoner, relapsed heretic, martyr and saint.

"I came from God. There is nothing more for me to do here! Send me back to God, from Whom I came!"

There is nothing cleanly straightforward about who she was and what she was meant to represent to us. Perhaps that is her lesson: nothing is as it appears. What is now may be completely changed then. Madness and divine inspiration are intertwined. Be prepared to pay for your faith; certainly expect no earthly reward.

"Do you believe that you are in the Grace of God?"
"If I am not, I trust He will place me there and if I am, that He will hold me there."

Today's fragrance is a trinity of roses: Montale Rose Petals, Ormonde Jayne Ta'if and Czech and Speake Dark Rose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...waiting for your next explosively fascinating blog entry...and still contemplating my opinion of Joan. I think the rest of your readers would like it better if I didn't write here my various opinions about Joan.

Why LOOK Alice!

No one else has either!


10:07 AM

Blogger mireille said...

dearest Gertrude,
No one understands me. Or Joan. Or my weird blog entries. Hey, it's art.

10:12 AM


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