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Force Our Hand

Please don't expect linear exposition on the political topic I'm about to blow on about ...

This diatribe is brought to you courtesy of the apparently prevailing power structure in our country, a group of people who bluster and push and preemptively invade countries and threaten reporters and insinuate their narrowly self-righteous views into personal matters of life, health and death, and attempt to override senate traditions and ...

You take my point.

How long did it take you to figure out that you didn't achieve the best results when you bullied your way out of people, when you attempted to force yourself into situations where you weren't wanted?

How long does your self-desired result last when you willfully superimpose it on an unwilling other party?

At what point in your emotional maturation did you discover that persuasion and collaboration often achieved what brute force and conniving failed to produce?

Many years ago, a phrase "the Silent Majority" came into common usage, describing what was thought to be a vast group of individuals who vehemently disapproved of what was being done in their name -- but who declined to vocalize just how unhappy and disillusioned they had become with their government.

I posit that a new Silent near-Majority is emerging ... and that every destructively overreaching, intrusive, self-serving act perpetrated in our name takes us one step closer to throwing off the bullying mindset that is really the few maneuvering the many.

So, go ahead. Keep doing what you're doing. It just makes it that much easier to decide against you. It makes the choice -- in just three years -- that much clearer.

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Blogger Kate said...

You have said here many things I have been thinking, M. Thank you.

12:29 PM

Blogger Jonniker said...

I agree, M. What concerns me is the lack of qualified candidates we have in our arsenal to turn the tables in our favor. I think, sometimes, that we forget the red states perspective, and the viewpoints that are so vastly different from our own.

What frustrates me is that these folks - this 'majority' who voted in our current president - live in areas of the country where many of the issues at stake aren't an issue. Who cares about equality or urban issues in a homogeneous environment? Or in many cases, these folks are of a viewpoint where things like separation of chruch state are moot because of their own leanings.

I hope that we can all recognize, as voters and as a democratic party, that we need to be as aware of who we're speaking to as we demand that our president is of us. And figure some way to find respectable common ground.

12:47 PM

Blogger Yesrie said...

My fantasy is to elect Martin Sheen, with Aaron Sorkin as his Chief of Staff...

2:44 PM

Blogger Jonniker said...

Not Aaron Sorkin. He'd be too busy taking a mushroom trip.

4:55 AM

Blogger briefcandle said...

Wonderful post...I agree with all my heart.

Have to say one thing, though. I think "Silent Majority" was coined by Spiro Agnew to put a name on the people who supported Nixon and various conservative policies, but who didn't take to the streets like the Vietnam War protestors.

Ironic, that it applies the opposite way today.

6:06 AM

Blogger Atreau said...

Agrrr! I could speak volumes of this but I won't! Let it be known that this "silent minority" member needs to be heard always and will use my power of voice and vote for as long as I have it!

11:42 AM

Anonymous Jef said...

It's becoming apparent that we are living in a land run by the fuedal kings of industry. Our political system is mere bread and circus, serving to distract us. Of course, the bread is stale, and the circus has too many clowns.

Bill Gates went to Washington to be tried as a monopolist. They divided his company in two, so now he owns two monopolies. Meanwhile, every soldier in Iraq has a laptop. :(

6:53 AM

Blogger Justine said...

its so nice to stumble across a blog featuring Americans who think.

I think its awesome that you are dissatisfied! Its clear to you, but from outside the US, we just get the media view, and the people in the media never shut up and they always somehow make it look as though in the US, there's a lot of agreement about what youre doing (I'm thinking foreign policy, not domestic politics).

Your politicians are all master-debaters: so it either "is", or "isn't". There's no middle ground. No grey areas.

I am so interested to hear you speak of yourselves as a 'silent majority' - I am so taken with the idea that, yes, there can be Americans who don't have their views expressed constantly via satellite. Honestly, I get so fucking sick of hearing about the USA's world view. I mean, fair enough that you have one, but what about our's? You don't have that streaming in through you TVs every night... OK now I'm ranting and getting irrational.... you know what I mean....

8:00 PM


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