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Don't Drink and Knit

The whole idea of having a glass of wine at your elbow (or a muscle relaxant in your gullet) as you carefully knit 5, purl 5 ... is a deeply flawed concept.

Last night I got to rip out about twenty rows that looked like they had been knitted by a drunk monkey. (Heh. I guess they were.)

Don't mix your relaxation methods. Just as you wouldn't attempt to do a yoga headstand and knit, don't try to guzzle and purl. No good comes of it.

No need to thank me for the wisdom. I'm here to help.

Last night and this morning's scent: Ormonde Jayne's body lotion in Ormonde with a splash of Ormonde Woman on top ... a treasured V-day gift from Jim ... I want to gnaw my arm off, it's that good.


Blogger ariel said...

I dunno, my rows look like they were knitted by a drunk monkey when I am sober.

1:47 PM

Blogger Bela said...


And, if you're a spider, don't try to weave a web when you've had too much coffee, because this will be the result:

7:21 AM

Blogger Doug said...

My drunk monkey looks like it was knitted.

6:17 AM


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