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Hillary! Stop It!

It's time to step up and claim your dignity. You don't want this badly enough to destroy your credibility and the pride many of us have had in your accomplishments. Don't resort to political hack tactics. You're better than that.


Blogger Lettuce Hater said...

i agree

she should stop the mud-slinging (assuming that is what you refer to) and maintain a dignified stance

i already fear it's slipping away from her


8:00 AM

Blogger TLP said...

Yes, I agree. It's so sad. I had hopes for her.

11:22 AM

Blogger Doug said...

She is not better than that. I give her a lot of credit, though for nuanced and reasonable positions on trade and health care. I'm frustrated at how vigorously she denies that her positions are nuanced and reasonable.

6:16 AM


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