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The (Ink)Well Run Dry

I am concerned about my writing ... um, what's happened to it? I'm hoping this is a temporary dry period and that, sooner or later, I'll start coughing up full, coherent paragraphs about meaningful topics again.

Part of it is life. Which is busy and full. A full time job is not the friend of creativity. Fatigue and the attempt to maintain my primary relationships leave me with not much time to sit and foment anything but spare, irritable comments on other people's blogs.

I am a great believer in free association and its ability to tap into baserock communal human spirit -- the collective unconscious.
Wish I had time to be still, roam the emptiness and find some content.


Blogger ariel said...

"A full time job is not the friend of creativity."

See? You summed up one meaningful topic in 10 words. Great post! :-)

1:48 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Hahaha, Ariel! True. We all bear with each other and for the slow times there are quotations and questions.

I go through the same. I try to remember that we're not paid to blog how funny it will be to get comments saying "dang, this sucked."

6:11 AM


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