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Pearl Harbor

2,390 died on Sunday morning December 7, 1941; half of the casualties were from the battleship USS Arizona, which now lies beneath the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Google quote of the day: The quickest way to a man's heart really is through his stomach, because then you don't have to chop through that pesky rib cage. - J. Jacques


Blogger cjblue said...

Beautiful, sobering tribute. Thanks for the reminder!

8:33 AM

Blogger Fred said...

It was a moving memorial when I visited in person many years ago. We talked about it today in class, just to remind each other what it meant to the world on that day.

1:32 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder. Don't know how I forgot.

3:50 PM

Anonymous neko said...

It was Monday for Japan. Just getting an early start on the work week. Ugh...

The movie went over smashingly well here, according to my students, because Ben Afleck is hunky. If only I had the ablilty to forget history and simply sit back and enjoy the eye candy in the movie.

6:06 PM


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