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Monsoon Season

I have a long ago memory from the Philippines: monsoon season.

Heavy atmosphere cut through by dense rain that changed the air's quality. Thick, thick air quickly thinned as all that humidity became solid and fell to the ground.

The thinned air then became palpable, blue. Electric blue.

Monsoon Season, a fragrance in the Lisa Simon line, brings the ozonic quality of monsoon to scent. But not just the air, flowers and spice. Lightly, lightly: "pondflower," rose and iris, saffron and sandalwood.

I don't like aquatic perfumes. But scent's magic ability to evoke the past brings a torrential Philippine storm back to my mind. It brings a monsoon season back to my heart's eye. It's not so much scented as felt. An emotion painted by fragrance.

Monsoon Season by Olivia Giacobetti for Lisa Simon.

(Coincidentally, another Giacobetti fragrance, Andree Putnam Preparation affects me similarly ... sheer fragrance that creates a storm.)


Blogger ariel said...

beautiful picture!

I knew there's a thing called monsoon but nobody has ever told me about the electric blue air. that must be fantastic.

10:32 PM

Blogger Doug said...

I agree with Ariel. One of those storms that blows the same time every year.

5:25 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Joyeux Anniversaire, jeune nez!

5:53 AM

Blogger Minka said...

Happy birthday, Mirelle!

here is to many more magnetic mists in your life :)

5:58 AM

Blogger mireille said...

thank you, thank you! XOXO

8:43 AM

Blogger Logophile said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!
Hope its a great day

12:23 PM

Blogger TLP said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Mmmmm...this site smells so good!

4:06 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

Oh hon, I hadn't even heard of this line before... I am SO out of the loop these days!

I love when you share these fragments of memory with us... something about their very virtue of being mere fragments makes them so evocative.

7:54 PM


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