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Fear of Photography

I have a new Nikon digital camera. Well, it was new. At Christmas. And I still have not learned how to use it. It occurs to me that the manual probably has some valuable information. I mean, it taught me how to install the battery or card or whatever that thing was. I guess I have to get it out and continue reading the instructions. Or you'll never see what my life is like. erk.


Blogger Bela said...

I'm a geek: I love cameras (I've had so many; should have kept them all and flogged them on eBay now...), and all gadgets.

If your camera is on this website: you'll get a detailed 'how to' with pics. It's a wonderful resource. Even if your particular model isn't there you may find another one from the same make that is fairly similar and works more or less in the same way. :-)

5:41 AM

Blogger mireille said...

thanks, J!!!! xoxo

10:53 AM

Blogger ariel said...

are you having the feeling your whole life is not going to be enough to learn that camera? I know that feeling, too. :-P

1:08 PM

Blogger mireille said...

yes, A. That is my fear. So many things are smarter than I am now. xoxo

6:19 PM


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