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I Think Paulie Walnuts Is Cute

There's just something about him.


Blogger ariel said...

do you mean that tragic "dog is looking at the plate" look in his eyes?

Sopranos is on so late here that I have never seen one episode. but I am told that series is quite something.

11:18 PM

Blogger Bela said...

ariel, The Sopranos is (it's not finished here) THE BEST THING on TV ever. Have you not got a VCR?

Isn't the guy who plays Paulie the only one in the cast who was a mafioso in real life (he went to prison for 'something')? I like him too, but then I like most of the characters. I will feel deprived when the series is over. Just like when The West Wing ended.

7:01 AM

Blogger WinterWheat said...

I have a crush on Paulie Walnuts. Plus, his name is the best TV character name ever. I have already decided that if I get another dog (male or female), it will be named Paulie Walnuts -- *especially* if it has multicolored hair.

5:58 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

I am sorry, Bela, but the best thing on TV EVER is Deadwood. Heh. Shakespeare would so have written it had he been in the American Old West.

8:03 PM


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