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Lady In A Fedora

To my mysterious friend who has twice sent me scents for which I've fallen hard ... thank you.

She was really the instigator of my love for Ormonde Jayne Ta'if (for which I will never forgive, nor forget, her) ... and now she's sent me the elusive (exclusive to Liberty of London) Miller Harris Rose en Noir. A deep rose with some leather beneath it. A mysterious rose-in-the-dark.

You know, I have pictures in my head of all my cyberfriends (some I'm lucky enough to know how they actually look: I have photos or I've met them) ... and the image I have of this friend is a dark haired Marlena Dietrich, giving us a sidelook from beneath her fedora.

Not much is known about her, and she likes it that way.

All I know is she likes rose fragrances, and has wonderful taste in them.

Oh, and she might have been a spy in a previous life.


Blogger puppytoes said...

your friend sounds mysterious and wonderful... and what fabulous imagery! as a fan of Marlene (i once did a short documentary on her) i can't think of a more amazing/glamorous and intriguing woman to be compared to.

knowing your passion for the scent of roses, i'm guessing the perfume did, indeed, put a smile on your lips. it sounds interesting, lovely and elegant--which are the very words i'd use to describe you! xox neva

10:55 AM

Blogger mireille said...

awww, Neva. I'm guessing you would really like this woman. She's a wonderful person. xoxo

12:50 PM

Blogger cathleen56 said...

As one rose lover to another -- definitely in the minority among perfume lovers it seems -- you are truly fortunate. Rose fragrances are so hard to get right, yet the quest continues despite the hurdles. My current faves are Stella and Sa Majeste La Rose, though there are other, perhaps even greater, ones out there. These are among the few that don't go sour on me.

May your friedships endure, and the quest continue!

10:11 AM

Blogger mireille said...

Cathleen ... thanks for the nice post, fellow rose-lover! xoxo

11:08 AM


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