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Not That There'd Be Anything Wrong With It

New Yorker cartoon in which one male dog explains to the other male dog that enjoying a belly rub from his owner does not mean he's gay.


Blogger Bela said...

It's only a phase, anyway. Right? LOL!

11:59 AM

Blogger mireille said...

J - I read about something called "gay chic," where people -- or dogs -- pretend to be gay, but they're not. Maybe the stigma of being heterosexual got to 'em. xoxo

1:11 PM

Blogger Doug said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:55 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Maybe, but what a prissy way they're holding their tails. Hey, guys! First date?

1:56 PM

Blogger Trina said...

Have you heard the song "I Wish I was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" by The Bloodhound Gang?

4:13 PM

Blogger mireille said...

No, but that sounds gay chic, doesn't it? xoxo

4:39 PM

Blogger Bela said...

Some people have too much time on their hands. LOL!

5:46 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Moi??? You mean moi?? *grin* xoxo

6:01 PM

Blogger Minka said...

It´ll pass! Just a phase you are going get back in that closet!

4:03 PM


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