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Waiting for Godot

I have never been quite sure what the Beckett play Waiting for Godot was actually supposed to mean. But I have always associated it with a state of suspension. Which, I suppose, is what life is. A state of being sandwiched between nothingness.

When one is in nether-state, neither here nor there, it can be uncomfortable. Or it can be restful as death ... you are waiting for something, you are not sure what, you have nothing to do but watch for the unfolding that heralds a new state of being.

Ambivalence is host emotion for this suspended state. Because you are unwilling or unable to generate energy needed to propel you into one or another quality of being, you abdicate to stasis.

And wait. And watch.

artwork by ceramicist Hanneke Leenders


Blogger Suki said...

Imagine spending four years deconstructing this, Mother Courage and (my favorite) The Dumb Waiter. And to find out at the end of that four years that nothing happened and you were just as terminally dulled as you were when you began the adventure. I think Beckett, Pinter, Brecht etal are oracles and should be read early and often.

2:13 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

I was going to say something along the same lines--so often, what we're waiting for doesn't turn out to be all that and a bag of Doritos. I guess the trick is to find fun along the way, because the journey and the wait might just be IT. Send in the clowns!

7:22 AM

Blogger Jemima said...

I really love Beckett, but oh how he hurts me. Endgame was (is?) my favourite. But when I was studying him and his works (as two separate and contradictory documents) I became depressed to the point of absolute inertia. The idea of toiling away, writing a stupid essay when I was an unloved puppet in a meaningless universe slayed me. In the bad way.

I frequently reference Godot: I am going to bed, I am almost nearly just about to rise from this sofa, I don't want to watch tv anymore, I need the toilet, I'm going, I am, I'm just about to...

1:20 PM

Blogger puppytoes said...

i prefer Waiting for Guffman. (same concept, more fun)

lovely post... as per your usual! xoxo

2:12 PM

Blogger Logophile said...

Waiting for Guffman is more fun, it's true.
But...I find when the sensation of the waiting feels too heavy, for me personally,
it is because I am too disconnected.
I have to work to maintain a balance between being so involved with the minutiae of life I lack the larger perspective and being so objective and concentrating on the big picture that I am not enjoying and living the moments I have.
I am very nearly almost going to quit blogging now.

10:03 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I always thought it was about waiting for god or Jesus to come back or something like that.

Or it's an early Seinfeld episode since it's about NOTHING.

4:55 PM


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