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Jean-Michel Folon 1934 - 2005

A kind Belgian reader, Kati, advised me that Jean-Michel Folon -- the Belgian artist who did the "Inflammatory America" painting below and so many others that I admire, died in Monaco recently.

I became aware of Folon indirectly in the 1970s -- I worked in downtown Seattle and every day I walked past a gallery exhibiting serigraph posters whose geometric edginess were perfect ... especially one of umbrella-topped, briefcase-accessorized businessmen marching to work, a perfect satire of a scene found in Seattle every winter day (and a serigraph that still hangs in our kitchen).

Those were by an artist named Granger, the first "art" I ever purchased ... and the interest in Granger, a student of Folon, led me to the work of Folon -- whose soft-edged dreamscapes were even more intriguing to me than his student's work.

In particular, I admire Folon's ability to gently -- and sometimes sharply -- address social issues through his art.

In 2004, Jean-Michel Folon received the Legion of Honour; he also became a UNICEF ambassador. This year, before his death, the city of Florence opened the doors of the Palazzo Vecchio and the Forte Belvedere for a grand retrospective of his work.

Jean-Michel Folon died in Monaco on 20th October 2005 at the age of 71.


Blogger Bela said...

It's so strange: when you last posted a pic by Folon (back in Sept), I thought he was dead. He wasn't. I'm known for 'killing' people like that: I'm always thinking so and so is dead and I always have a clear memory of hearing about their death too. LOL! And, this time, the poor man died soon after. Spooky. And such a shame.

Back when he first became known in France, he was an acquired taste, I thought. I did acquire it. :-)

9:30 AM

Blogger Fred said...

I forget the name of that gallery, but I think I used to admire many items in there. I worked at WAMU for a year, and loved to walk around downtown. Unfortunately, I'd always wind up at one of those stores that has all the games.

So much for culture.

10:16 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Good post. I don't know his work, but it sounds very interesting to me.

10:20 AM

Blogger actonbell said...

Lovely picture--thank you for introducing me to an artist I didn't know about.

11:59 AM

Blogger Ariella said...

So many great artists.
Can't wait till the SAM expands, btw!!!!!!

1:55 PM

Anonymous tom said...

the first 'art' i bought was also the unbrella-topped briefcase accessorized men marching to work. i passed it everyday in greenwich village it still hangs in my living room. (along with a recently acquired folon) ... love your taste.

1:28 PM

Blogger anders said...

Would you know how I could track Granger down? Anders

10:09 PM


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