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Ariella: All This Could Be Yours ...

And I think you know what I mean.

*Not only am I ruggedly handsome, but I also am acutely intelligent and have a piquant sense of humor*

*I also rarely play hard to get.*

Bucky, our Groenendahl shepherd/Lab makes a play for Ariella, the Portugese Water Dog of It Really Is A Dog's Life (link right)


Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Wow! He looks nice. Really nice! If only I was a younger dog, woof!

7:50 PM

Anonymous Rio said...

Excuse me, but I think Ariella is taken, but I'm not...visit on tuesday,and you can meet me!

Im a lovely white and black mix doggy girl! wink wink

8:10 PM

Blogger Ariella said...

Oh my!
Bucky, you are gorgeous, and local, and available, wow!
So, um, how do you feel about swimming?
Do you like poetry?

8:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go get her tiger!

Me, and all your other neutered male friends with delusions, are rootin' for you!!

Capsy doodle, the Standard poodle.

8:40 AM

Blogger still life said...

Puppy dating service? Is this legal?

9:15 AM

Anonymous Rio said...

Well, I cant believe Ive been stood up..that's ok, Snavs has a doggy man for me, it probably wouldnt have worked out anyway!

7:01 PM


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