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My Favorite Part

We are coming upon the holidays.

When those who are fortunate feel family and friends contracting around them to that tight core of silence, light, calm and peace.

I am very fortunate.

Happy Holidays to all.

and I just received what I know will be one of my favorite gifts this year, a CD of The Meditations of Diogenes the Cynic, featuring the Nearly Ready for PrimeTime Waking Ambrose Players. Doug, thank you for pulling us together with your inimitable mix of philosophy, humor and curmudgeonism ... now, entering its third year. Merry Christmas, D!


Blogger ariel said...

Happy Holidays to you too! I love that photo.

11:24 PM

Blogger Doug said...

And to you, too. As beautiful as that photo is, and it is and you are, I am slightly stunned you didn't use mistletoe instead.

7:35 AM

Blogger Trina said...

Happy Holidays!

7:00 PM

Blogger mireille said...

D, Hah! And Happy Holidays, Ariel and Trina! ♥ xoxo

8:13 PM


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