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What's In A Haircut?

Tomorrow I take myself to the salon ... with every woman's fond hope that a haircut will change my life.

Way too long -- the time between haircuts and the hair itself. I have a friend -- also a woman of a certain age -- who warns against the Yoko Ono syndrome. Also known as Country and Western hair. Too long for one's age.

Mine is about three inches below my shoulders and I'm at that critical stage where a terrible mistake could happen. A Mia Farrow mistake. A "cut it all off so that I look like a pixie" [a 54 year old pixie?] mistake. Horrible things can happen when you're sick of your hair.

So tomorrow I will forbear. I will say, "Please trim three inches off; I want a very blunt cut." A moderate approach. A reasonable woman making a reasoned request.

Then we can talk color. Are stripes back in?


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

oh, this is where I should have commented. is it done?
I think your hair looked excellent as a chin length bob (if that is the correct term).

2:08 PM

Blogger puppytoes said...

i sure hope "stripes" are in... since i have a few in my own head of hair!

i'm guessing the haircut was a success (i see no rants and/or raves in posts above this one)... that said, my best friend, who's own beautiful silver head of hair was trimmed roughly 10 inches (it was almost down to her waist... she grew it out after nearly losing it to chemo-therapy a few years ago) was not so lucky. oh, it looks very nice, but she's soooo unhappy now. currently, she wears one medium length braid as she waits for it to grow back out.

i hope you had better luck and are pleased with your new "look" (will we see pictures??) i'm guessing you look fabulous! : D

8:04 PM


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