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Bad Mood Rehab

It's the kind of day in Seattle where it is a constant drizzle, not enough for windshield wipers, but enough to duck when you walk under water-laden lilacs ... or so I have been told by Jim, who ventured out to forage coffee for us from the neighborhood
Starbucks. (Btw, today is going to be a GOOD day for J.)

Bucky went out, saw what was happening, came back in and went back to bed. He's no fool.

CNN is on in the background, as Our Leader speaks to us of ethanol. He's so wise.

I am excited ... my new computer, a generous gesture from a dear friend, is on its way and I check UPS tracking every couple hours. I wish the trucker who has it on his semi would scan it more often. I like knowing where it is.

Last night I dreamt of ... now I can't remember. It's so often that way. All I can peel off my subconscious is "teal jumpsuit." What in hell does "teal jumpsuit" mean? Maybe it has something to do with "work wardrobe." Or prison. Do prisoners wear
any color but orange?

Another friend has been deathly ill but feels better and I'm relieved. Spent some time trying to convince her to go to the doctor. She won't. She is my earthy, honest, hates pretention friend. Every time I talk to her, I feel like I should give myself an honesty check. And her sense of humor is back as she tells me of the best vanilla scent: vanilla pods soaked in Everclear. Heh. Don't bogart that bottle, my friend.

Today I'm studying. Legal research. You only need to work in law a little bit to understand how very little you know, and how much more you need to learn. One of my instructors had asked me if I'd considered becoming a professional student. Wonder how that pays.

It's a good day for coffee and books. I'm going to enjoy them while I can.


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