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Ode to Marta

There once was a writer in Detroit
Whose reviews didn't reveal her own exploit
The novel is coming
The literary world will be humming
Thrilled by her and Redwing's adventures adroit.

And I don't care how much I had to torture that rhyme, it was going to happen.

Today's fragrance: Sarasotagirl's Tabac Blond. Swiped from the site: "In 1918, Europe stared with eyes wide open: freshly arrived in France to find their husbands, American women proudly showed the old, astounded continent that cigarettes were no longer the privilege of men, and that the difference between smoking room and boudoir had been erased…Negligently to place those long ivory and mother-of-pearl cigarette-holders to their lips and swathing their femininity in a typically masculine veil, became the height of Parisian elegance... To mark the dawn of female liberation, in 1919 CARON dared to dedicate the deliberately provocative Tabac Blond to these beautiful androgynes."

It's a lovely rich tea-and-tobacco scent ... kind of K. Hepburnesque to me. Takes a strong woman.


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