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One of the first Freudian terms I ever learned -- (I was the kind of teenager who read psychoanalytic tomes in an effort to figure out why I didn't have a boyfriend ... kind of self-explanatory, wasn't it?) -- was sublimation.

If I remember correctly, sublimation is the submersion of sexual desire into another activity ... in other words, getting your mind off it.

Well, Sublime by Jean Patou isn't going to help. This is a beyond flirtation scent. This is a knock them down and drag them out scent of seduction.

As previously discussed: I like Jasmine. I like Rose. I love the Jasmine and Rose in Sublime. PLUS the scent has amber and musk.

Really, this is not going to help me get my mind off it. However, I will smell good in the midst of it. Heh.


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