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Jonesing the Internet. Bad.

I have undergone five days of the most horrific withdrawal possible ... so horrific that it made my two-years ago "they say this is as bad as childbirth" gallbladder attack and resulting organ removal (no, it did not play music) look like a walk in the park.

So bad that I nearly ruptured my primary relationship, hurling accusations and counteraccusations that made me look like a marine-mouthed harridan.

So bad that it felt like I was losing my dog.

So bad.

And what was so bad? My hard drive crashed. IT CRASHED. I lost a month's worth of writing, the ability to contact friends and enemies, access to the internet, my fragrance friends and instant messaging. FOR FIVE DAYS.

Today, I am fortunate to be able to tell you I have interim internet, email and the ability to cobble a sentence together on notepad. Yes, gone are my WindowsXP days, at least for a while.

But I am back in communication and, thank God, they can now begin to wean me off the morphine.

Those little VAIO laptops are kind of cute, aren't they?


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