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I Need Some Glamour In My Life

I'm feeling an absence of allure ... not a scintilla of seduction. I haven't worn scent in *gasp* three days (although I have a wonderful Valentine candle in Rose Noir that has made everything around me smell nice).

But seriously, ever go through one of those phases when you need serious work in the attractiveness department? I need a makeover. Now that I have all this new stuff in my brain, it's time to work on the superficial externalities of it all.

Also, it's colder than a toad's nodes here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Brrrr.


Blogger cjblue said...

Makeover, new haircut (or color) and some French Can Can. That's my prescription for you. :D

10:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of chocolate. And lots of exercise/and or fresh air. That's a balanced beauty regime.

BRRR? brrrrrrrrr, you proclaim?

We've got 1 degree above zero at 1:00 pm. Are you feeling a bit warmer now?

I'm off to exercise !!

And eat chocolate.



PS...You're a beauty no mattter what.

12:11 PM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

We're working on giving my doggy daddy Dusty a make-over. He's a mess with that log matty hair!

12:15 PM

Anonymous logo said...

aw, M. I hear a distant musical call, it is a salon, and they are waiting for you!
and sheesh is it COLD, that is quite enough of THAT!

5:54 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

This is why there will always be a cultural divide between Seattle and Portland: down south here we say "colder than a witch's teat." Because in Portland, nothing's hipper than pretending to be a hillbilly from the late 1800s.

10:13 PM


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