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Tomorrow's the Big Day!

And a special shoutout to Doug of Waking Ambrose , who has proclaimed February 15 "Ogre's Day" and wonders if I'm like this because Cupid has some embarrassing polaroids ... ahh, Doug, Doug, Doug.

Valentine's Day is Romantic!

It's the Romancity of it all!

It's a reason for chocolate covered marshmallows!

*Does Semi-sweet have your order yet, Doug?*


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

its not easy being an ogre you know (famous words from Shrek). I've been working on it though.

what are we doing for Ogre Day?

10:07 AM

Blogger Sar said...

Ogre Day - that Doug is too funny.

Happy Valentine's Eve, Miereille.

11:37 AM

Blogger still life said...

I will come back tomorrow and blow kisses!

11:49 AM

Blogger Doug said...

I still think Cupid has something on you. Don't worry, Mireille. Flying with a bow and arrow is dangerous, I think that winged mama's boy might could have an unfortunate accident if you get my meaning. I look out for my friends.

11:56 AM

Blogger Fred said...

Have a Happy Valentine's Day. I'll be sitting in the bleachers in cold weather with The Missus. We better win!

3:15 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Doug is organizing Ogre's Day. I'm busy requisitioning full body armor for Cupid. xoxo

4:26 PM

Blogger Annieytown said...

Happy Valentines Day M!

4:55 AM

Blogger Doug said...

Happy Ogre Day Eve, Mireille.

5:22 AM


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