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And So It Begins

With only a month left of school, it's time to get the old ego ready for battering.

Yes, job hunting.

Resume padding. Hyperbole hurling. Fantastical estimations of one's professional skills and abilities. Romantic remembrances of jobs and bosses past.


*Anybody who tells you they like job hunting is a LIAR*


Anonymous logo said...

I'd hire you in heartbeat, if only I needed a paralegal.
I am currently auditioning from the role of a classy, sassy, ever-so-slightly older, and very much wiser female co-star.
The pay is terrible, there is no union, no health benefits, but occasionally I say something vaguely amusing.
Whadda ya think?

8:14 PM

Blogger mireille said...

I'LL TAKE IT. ♥ xoxo

8:20 PM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

May we help you with your Resumé?

There would be lots of these word sprinkled throughout:
covered in dog hair,, maybe not that last one. Way too personal :-)

best of luck buddy!

9:54 AM

Blogger Doug said...

Wear opium to your interview.

10:40 AM

Blogger actonbell said...

Somehow, I think you'll be fantastic at this:)

5:38 PM

Anonymous janey said...

Well that went fast didn't it? Going to the prom?

6:58 PM

Blogger Bela said...

Oh no, job hunting! I'm starting to shake already. I possess a whole lot of rejection letters signed by very distinguished people. I intend to put them up on eBay in the future.

I wonder in what way American résumés differ from British curricula vitae. I know in France you have to send a photo. Typical, ain't it? :-(

Good luck, sweetie!

7:42 PM

Blogger AP3 said...

Yeah, job hunting is no fun. It's actually a very humiliating experience.

8:40 PM

Blogger ParisLondres said...

Good luck dear M! You should not have any problems finding a job - finding nice people to work with/for is another matter.


10:00 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Good luck with that. What no second year summer offer to fall back on?

I hope you don't find it too disheartening but it just took me seven months to find a job that I was interested in. Not exactly in love with, but interesting. We'll see how it all plays out on my blog, won't we.

3:23 PM


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