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Bucky Has Canine Flu

BUCKY UPDATE! He's eating! He managed to eat two eggs and two pieces of toast! His eyes are still a bit rheumy, but at least he's not so lethargic. Your good thoughts are working! thank you.


He caught it at the dogpark on Sunday, we think. *a warning to other Seattle dog owners* *and if your dog has symptoms, please be kind enough to keep your dog away from others s/he could infect*

If you have a minute today, will you please think good thoughts for him? He doesn't feel very well.



Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Aww, poor Bucky. Sending loads and loads of:
-gentle rubs behind the ears,
-soft strokes along the chest
-snuffles in the throat

Warm hugs and healing vibes to all three of you. Its scary when the pooches don't feel well. Its so unusual.

9:31 AM

Anonymous sarasotagirl said...

Sweet Dim Fergus says Woof woof woof *wag wag wag*!

I guess that's good.

9:51 AM

Blogger Kate said...

*woof woof Woof!* (translation: feel better soon, Bucky!)

9:55 AM

Blogger still life said...

Buck up Bucky... things will be better soon. And when you find out who did this to you, you need to go back and bite them.

10:49 AM

Blogger Fred said...

Poor Bucky. Hope he feels better!

1:47 PM

Anonymous Ariella said...

poor Bucky!
Many healing thoughts and well wishes.
So sad.

3:17 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

{{Bucky}} get well soon!

4:03 PM

Blogger Lulu said...

Cuddles and best wishes to Bucky!

5:45 PM

Blogger Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

i wish bucky well

5:52 PM

Blogger deleted said...

Poor Bucky! I hope he competely recovers very soon!

5:51 PM

Blogger Bela said...

Sorry I wasn't around earlier to wish Bucky better health. Hope he's out of the woods very very soon. Poor thing!

6:14 PM

Blogger Trina said...

(((Buckaroo Banzai)))

6:34 PM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

We wish him the best! Didn't know us dogs could get that! We'll have to be careful of who's butt we sniff! Woof!

5:00 AM

Blogger Sar said...

I didn't know dogs could get the flu or eat eggs and toast for that matter. *Sending lots of positive healing thoughts Bucky's way.*

5:44 PM


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