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Ho Ho Ho!

I am afraid my blog is boring, boring, boring. So, here: an R-rated holiday illustration.

*Cover the children's eyes, Mildred.*

Why? Well, as Tan Lucy says, "When you get old, you can be bad."

Only she's not old. But I'm bad. Heh.

*That's mistletoe she's got there.* *Soon important new information regarding mistletoe will be posted on an unspecified blog.*
*Don't miss it.* *Oh. I'll tell you where later.*

Best Last Words Department (J, this one is for you):
"I am about to--or I am going to--die; either expression is used."
Dominique Bouhours, a French Jesuit grammarian who worked tirelessly to promote purity in the French language.

illustration: Raphaƫl Kirchner, "Le Manchon de Gui," 1915-1916


Anonymous benvenuta said...

Does the fact that I look at a R-rated holiday illustration and wonder what is that windmill in the background doing there say something about me?

What? Your blog is not boring. Definitely not. I don`t have boring blogs in my Bloglines. I`m your subscriber, although I rarely comment here. Your blog is witty and interesting and well written and thought provoking. (I just wish I was able to say that in some witty and interesting way) Plus it`s rose-scented and has cartoons.

1:32 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

your blog is boring?

your honour, i object to this statement and declare it untruthful!

5:38 AM

Blogger colombina said...

I sustain UC's objection (said she assuming judge's role), *never* boring.

May I ask where you found that superb picture? :-)

7:04 AM

Blogger mireille said...

awwww, thanks b., uc and c.! I needed that. C, apparently Raphael Kirchner did a lot of postcard art and I found him where I find most of my great art: google images! Early 1900s German -- xoxo

7:44 AM

Blogger Bela said...

M, I'll let you know when/if your blog becomes boring.

Cute, naughty pic! :-)

I don't work tirelessly to promote the purity of anything, but I admire those who do. Hooray for the Jesuit!

8:30 AM

Blogger Bela said...

PS. Don't forget to remove tongue from cheek, M!

8:34 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Not a word I'd ever apply to this blog.

There must be some kind of cyber virus going around, creating blog angst and existential crises. Its everywhere!

9:02 AM

Blogger still life said...

Um, where exactly are you supposed to kiss her?

I think I'm too little for this...

11:47 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

If it's boring here, why do I come? Clue me in on that.

Oh, baby it's nipple outside.

3:23 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Good one, Lucy! xoxo

5:35 PM

Blogger Annieytown said...

Your blog is never boring M.
It always has wonderful pictures, beautiful words and ends with a kick ass fragrance review.
What more could a gal need?

5:48 PM

Blogger Fred said...

Filth! (Which I love.) Never boring, never, I say!!

7:04 AM

Blogger Kate said...

I think your blog is great! Not boring at all! I worry about my blog being boring though. Think of this: My last blog entry was all about how I knitted my uncle some socks! LOL!

But then again, I think we all worry that we are boring to others from time to time. I actually think about this subject often.

We aren't TV, we're humans, and we can't always be entertaining 24/7. (TV isn't even entertaining 24/7, for that matter! So why should we expect ourselves to be?)

Anyway, what's wrong with boring? Should we expect life/other people/ourselves to be a constant circus of fun, amusement and stimulation? Don't we sometimes need quiet and reflection?

Maybe it's ok to be boring/bored sometimes. Maybe, if we find ourselves bored, we just aren't paying close enough attention. And being overstimulated as we are in this culture, we may have a harder time paying attention than our ancestors did, thus: more, (not less) boredom... despite the many videoscreens' colored lights.

I think about boredom in relationship to nature too. Nature is boring to many, but rarely do I find it boring.

Just because I sit outside for hours and try to be quiet, doesn't mean I'm going to see "animal planet" type animal interaction and those short clips all pasted together of exciting animal activities. You know? It's fake to portray animals in that way.

I may or may not see some glimpses of animal life in my time in the woods, but I like the process of paying attention... just the act of quiet observation makes me feel more alive.

We don't see what *is* there when we are always looking for someting more -- in ourselves, in others, in nature.

Not sure if this makes any sense, but I hope it does. Peace, KM :-)

10:44 AM

Blogger still life said...

Makes perfect sense! Well said.

11:42 AM

Blogger Logophile said...

LOVE this pic!
and I hope you are sufficiently reassured about your lack of boringness.

8:24 PM


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