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Food Hangover Day 2

(Snakes discussing how everything they eat goes to their hips)


Blogger Urban Chick said...

ooh, i feel like i can genuinely empathise! i'm staying with an american friend right now and we had corn pie/crumble/cake and cherry pie leftovers from thanksgiving


9:48 AM

Blogger mireille said...

UC, I make a version of corn pie! I call it scalloped corn and it involves a lot of butter, cream and cracker crumbs (plus corn) -- xoxo

9:52 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

LOL, poor snake! Is that a whole turkey in its butt?


12:37 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

For the first time in my life, I have sympathy for a snake. That snake and I have something in common, and it ain't a long skinny body.

I make corn pudding. It involves corn bread, eggs, sugar and of course corn.

2:57 PM

Anonymous janey said...

I missed Thanksgiving this year (sigh) due to allergy - cold combo attack. Breathing has only been a fond memory for the last few days. But I do have sympath for the poor guy since I do have some memories of that experience.

7:08 PM

Blogger Bela said...

LOL! ♥

7:22 PM


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