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Places To Go Before I Die

Jim is of Croatian extraction and has long talked about wanting to see his ancestors' homeland. Sadly, even though he lived in Germany, he was never able to see it ... because it was then still behind the Iron Curtain. And it was far from my list of places to visit when I was in Europe.

But I saw this photo on msnbc and suddenly I understand. Dubrovnik. Isn't it beautiful?

George Bernard Shaw proclaimed: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik." I really hope we get to see Dubrovnik before we see heaven.


Blogger actonbell said...

OOO, that does look beautiful! I had no idea....
This morning's travel section had a piece on the Great Wall of China, and I was thinking the same thing.

2:29 PM

Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

My grandmother was from the old country, Yugoslavia, now known as Bosnia. I would love to visit there.

5:43 PM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

We love to travel, but now days we just enjoy being in our own backyard.

6:51 PM

Blogger Ariella said...

Though I haven't travelled myself, I have enjoyed my alpha females pictures of Greece and Italy from when they lived overseas. This reminds me of those.
It is gorgeous, definitely worth a trip!

7:37 PM

Blogger still life said...

I once worked with some fellows from Albania who would show me pictures of their home when they would come back from vacation. It looked amazing, with the bluest sky and water.
I had a boyfriend that took me to Greece for one month of island hopping. We went to Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, and Santorini. In Naxos they had a restaurant right on the water, where at dinner time if you ordered the fresh fish they would walk down to the edge pull up their nets, grab a fish and throw it on the grill. And in Santorini, pelicans would walk through the village freely along the cobblestone roads. I have a picture of me standing next to one patting it's head. The boyfriend didn't last, but I will have those memories forever.

8:38 PM

Blogger Lulu said...

I edited a short book on the highlights of Croatia last year and will be doing a longer guidebook between now and March. It has 1,000 miles of rocky inletted coastline with over 1,000 islands just offshore. Dubrovnik is amazing, and yes, the Mediterranean diet with fresh grilled fish is the deal there. A bit further north up the coast, in Split, the streets follow the walls and streets of the palace lived in by the Roman emperor Diocletian, and the cellars of the palace are still there under the streets and now contain an underground street market.

To entice you more, if you can spare 2 weeks you can fly to Venice first (probably cheaper for you, from the States), spend a few days there, and then take a ferry to Croatia from there, stopping at points down the coast until you get down to Dubrovnik.

Go! Go!

4:36 AM

Blogger Bela said...

I'd love to go to Russia and Poland, and see the places where my parents came from; unfortunately, I can't travel these days and, anyway, those places don't exist any longer. :-(

Dubrovnik does look beautiful. Hope you get to go there soon, M & J.

hsncykro: anyone knows what it means in Croatian?

6:44 AM

Blogger Val said...

How lovely! Wonder how a visit there would reflect in your writing, M. It must have those sea breezes and such an inspiring view! Save those pennies and get over there! =)

8:16 AM

Blogger Val said...

How lovely! Wonder how a visit there would reflect in your writing, M. It must have those sea breezes and such an inspiring view! Save those pennies and get over there! =)

8:16 AM

Blogger AP3 said...

Very beautiful! Reminds me of the Amalfi Coast in this photo.

6:03 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Wow. So breathtaking...

7:59 AM

Blogger Tania said...

At my old job, one of my co-workers was Croatian and she used to go there on vacation every summer. She came back with the most gorgeous photos. We were just as surprised at you: Croatia, who'd a thunk it?

11:50 AM


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