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Health, Hypochondria and the Perennial Diet

I like to lie there in bed when I first wake up, checking symptoms.

Respiratory? a bit stuffed up but check.
Gastrointestinal? well, I need to pee, but that's normal. check.
Musculoskeletal? my ankles and upper back are sore. *rotate ankles* *stretch shoulders* meh, not so bad. check.
Circulatory? normal slow heart rate. check.
Nervous system? neuroses tamped down? check.

Good so far. Anybody know what the symptoms of bird flu are?


Blogger Bela said...

Being really ill should have cured me of my hypochondria. It didn't.

What are the symptoms of bird flu?

7:36 AM

Blogger Val said...

I have no idea either! LOL =)

8:00 AM

Blogger Lulu said...


I'm not a hypochondriac. Yet. I worry about everything else except my own health.

Is bird flu when you're spitting feathers?

8:29 AM

Blogger still life said...

Well I've looked all morning for you and still arrive here empty handed. Three articles in the Times and not one lists symptoms...
so I suggest that you just stay away from birds speaking in Asian languages.

11:52 AM

Blogger actonbell said...

Well, it's scary that the bird flu's been around so long!
Hey, see that white stuff? That's bird shit.
See that black stuff inside it? That's bird shit, too.

I'm currently wondering why I have all these unexplained bruises, and haven't taken aspirin for several days, now. I look like a ripe banana. Maybe I'm anemic, or have some horrible disease....

12:41 PM

Blogger Fred said...

I don't know, but I would skip your five steps.

I just go with the big picture. As long as I wake up, I've made it another day. :)

12:49 PM


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