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Fragrance of the Day: MAC MV3

What People of the Labyrinths or Nanadebary fragrances are to some, MAC MV3 is to me: an ultimate comfort scent.

Despite the techy sharp edge of its name and bottle, this scent whispers "crawl back in bed" and pulls the comforter back over you.

Even MAC itself, the edgy Canadian cosmetic company, comes up with a softer side description for its MV3:

a deep dark velvety blend of bergamot, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla, whipped with leather (oh, there they move back into form) sparked up by amber crystals and tolu balsam wood.

Exotically earthy, rich and ritualistic, totally addictive.

Um, yes. Yes.

Another descriptive is similarity to Donna Karan's Black Cashmere ... but this is not as dominant a scent. MV3 is softer, the spiciness not quite as sharp. More see-through.

For that reason, I think MV3 is a more comfortable day scent ... kind of a subtler femme fatale scent for the office. The drums are still beating, but not so much ritual sacrifice.

Heh. Comfort scent with a ritual sacrifice chaser. Well, maybe you need comforting during ritual sacrifice, she said defensively.

Mix those metaphors.


Blogger clearing said...

You make this sound so luscious even when it's not at all my "type" of scent. The bottle is the antithesis of warm and cozy, but it's beautiful. mmmm.... enjoy.

6:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely do NOT need a scent that makes me want to crawl back into bed! Have enough trouble getting out of it as it is!

I haven't smelt this, not being an official perfumista type, but I do like Black Cashmere. Except, have you heard the theory that dark cashmere is less soft than pale cashmere because the dye takes up space in the fibres?

8:24 AM

Anonymous Lulu said...

That was me, Lulu above. Made 3 attempts to post, and I swear I put my name too.

8:25 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

M, you make this sound really good....until I hear reference to Black Cashmere. Is there an incense note? That's what I picked up in Black Cashmere. BC reminded me so much of 'going to church' (Incense and wood) that I couldn't find it in my heart to like it.

But this MV3, perhaps I'll give it a sniff. I love bergamot and jasmine.


8:39 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

it looks like a mini fish tank - cool! (see, i told you i was hot on description)

another to add to the list of samples to be begged, borrowed or stolen from an online retailer...

yappgev = the noise made by dogs in moscow

8:59 AM

Blogger Bela said...

LOL, Lulu! LOL!

True dat, about cashmere, but give me cashmere in any colour you like. Mmmm....

Haven't smelt the MAC fragrance, but my comfort scent is Parfum Sacré, which I have to use surreptitiously as my partner doesn't like it.

bltzjhl: could be the sandwich those Russian dogs are after

10:36 AM

Blogger mireille said...

fibre-space-taking-up-dye. Who knew? xoxo

12:25 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

First off, the last two posts were great as well.

This is another really good one.
Enjoying the heck out of you.

12:37 PM

Blogger still life said...

This fragrance sounds nice and warm. I always prefer heavier fragrances even in the summertime. There is such a sensuality in deep fragrance.

7:55 PM


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