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I Stole This From the ┼░berUrbane Urban Chick*

What Jane Austen Character Am I?

I'm Marianne Dashwood from Sense & Sensibility! I'm the romantic youngster, also found in Jane Austen's work as Catherine of Northanger Abbey and possibly Georgiana Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.

I wander through life like Red Riding Hood in the forest, picking wildflowers and humming a happy song... and can't see the wolf right in front of me!

Ruled by heart and not by head, I am best advised to to learn a little caution, before I am forced into a better acquaintance with the ways of the world.

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?
brought to us by Urban Chick, link right

*I swore I would never use the phrase ┼░ber-anything, but it just alliterates so well with urbane and urban chick and so I did it.

Today's fragrance: Chantecaille Darby Rose, a deep -- some have called it oriental, not sure I do -- rose. Does seem to have a hint of moss to darken it, so maybe somewhat chypre? The most Austen-esque fragrance, at least in name, that I could find.


Blogger A Little Bar of Soap said...

I am "Eliza Bennett from Pride and Prejudice! Yay, you! Perhaps the brightest and best character in all of English literature, you are intelligent, lively, lovely-- in short, you are the best of company. Your only foibles are that you stick with your first impressions... and your family is quite intolerable."

8:32 AM

Blogger mireille said...

LBOS! You're a WONDERFUL character! Sorry about the intolerable family. xoxoxo

8:36 AM

Blogger katiedid said...

I'm Marianne, too, according to quizilla. Eh, I don't think I quite fit into a Jane Austen scheme of things actually.

8:37 AM

Blogger Bela said...

I'm Lizzie Bennett too. No way. I don't think I'm half as clever and witty as she is. She's so adorable.

8:39 AM

Blogger mireille said...

katie: off-topic, but I couldn't bring myself to post this under the Jesus memorabilia, I made your fabulous pasta salad last night. It was wonderful! You should post the recipe for the benefit of the world. Or I will. As you know.

bela: I told you that you were adorable. I told you.


8:41 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

'very cultured'?? *chuckles*

i could not take the copying is the sincerest flattery line when it came to my younger sister (grrrrr) but i can from you, M

p.s. i pinched it from another blog ( to give due credit)

he he!

8:56 AM

Blogger katiedid said...

GAH! "Or I will" sounds like a threat! A THREAT! You're no Marianne! Clearly you cheated on that quiz.

Actually, I dunno about posting the recipie, it's not much of one. Everyone seems to keep telling me recipies sound tasty enough, but aren't helpful to anyone due to my avoidance of measuring cups. So I'm not sure I'll post it. Thank you so much for the compliment, though. I can't believe you actually made it. Thank you! :)

9:06 AM

Blogger ParisLondres said...

LOL!!! I am Darcy according to the test - here goes:

You are Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. You're pretty arrogant, but that pride stems from the deep-seated knowledge that you are generally the most superior creature in any given room. The good news is that you are deeply loyal to your family, and you have a generous and charitable streak, even though most people don't notice because you are too busy practicing a large vocabulary of stern looks.


10:18 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm another Eliza Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.
Hey, I've got a great family...Hrmpf..*slinks off muttering to self* "they must be talkin' about the in-laws. Okay, that's good. Some strange folks there..."

10:57 AM

Blogger Laura said...

How I got to be Marianne I'll NEVER know! None of the answers ever worked for me so I had to cut and paste, lie, cheat and steal. Come to think of it, THAT'S how I got to be Marianne. I assure you, this is not a scientific study.
Maybe I'm a Jean Rhys Character?

2:55 PM

Blogger mireille said...

Dear I Can't Be Marianne,


signed, Marianne and faking it.

2:58 PM

Blogger still life said...

i'm eliza bennett...supposedly the brightest and best character in all english literature
yes, that sounds good and my family can be a bit much!

5:18 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

Hey, this is SO cool! I came up as Elizabeth Bennett, too. I don't know how that happened--I'm really quite a dumbdumb, and my family is great. I'm stealing that picture for my sidebar, too. I'm a huge Austen fan (and getting huger all the time, as I age), and I'm tickled that you ladies found this--thanks!

11:19 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

ha, ha! I'm Elizabeth Benner too. Right!
Actually, my name WAS Elizabeth for the first week or so of my life. Then one of my Mom's friends asked 'How's little Lizzie doing?' and she promptly decided I was getting a new name LOL.

8:09 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

gawd, I can't even spell! Sorry Ms. Bennett.

8:10 AM

Anonymous janey said...

Though an Austen fan I'm don't really see myself as one of her characters. I'm too drawn to the overly dramatic doomed love type heroine - Catherine in Wuthering Heights. Imagine, not understanding why she can't have 2 loves and willing herself to die because of it. Yeah, that's my kind of gal.

7:18 PM


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