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What Price Beauty?

I spent the morning at a salon ... where priorities are different and clearly expressed.

For instance, I learned that it takes three hours for toenail polish to "cure" and I needed to remain immobile for most of that time OR SHE WOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESULTS.

Speaking of products, it was necessary to spend an additional $50 (!) for the special foot callus slougher ("It will last forever IF YOU TAKE CARE OF IT," said the authoritarian pedicurist) and footcream ("By the time you get back in here, I WANT TO KNOW YOU HAVE USED THIS EVERY NIGHT FOR THE PAST MONTH" because "IF YOU DON'T, I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THOSE HEEL CALLUSES. SERIOUSLY.")

I was suitably cowed by the time I was handed off to the stylist who would cut my hair. I learned that my hair, left to its own devices, has a woefully strong cowlick (cowlick, hm. Cow Lick. hm) and must be beaten into submission with no less than three products and two instruments of torture.

One of which is a ceramic flatiron which will require an additional investment of approximately $200. I didn't have the guts to nonchalantly slip that into the house. I must prepare Jim for that one.

Also: one must think in terms of Standing Appointments. Because you can't just waltz in there and expect one of these artistes to be at your beck and call. No, these slots fill up fast and if you want those toenails to stay in their current bloodred polished state, You Must Make Six Appointments So They Will Always Be There For You.

So, armed with my new slougher, footcream, knowledge of ceramic flatirons and standing appointments, toenails buffed and polished, hair trimmed and straightened, I emerged a New Woman.

I feel pretty! And poverty-stricken!

Today's fragrance: Penhaligon's Ellenisia, the name derived from the Celtic 'Elen,' meaning nymph. Gardenia and rose with Moroccan jasmine. Three of my favorite things AND there's musk and vanilla. I really like this, C.


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

So THAT'S where you've been today. Sounds like you've been nicely indoctrinated into the "way of the those who are beautiful and blessed". I'm sure you look fabulous and all but I love you, with or without perfect toenails.

2:14 PM

Blogger Trina said...

Well, thank heavens those *artistes* were there to save you from yourself! Imagine what would have happened if you had NOT had an appointment today! Your feet might have fallen off. Or worse, remained attached to your legs in their previous condition...

5:27 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

Hee, trina! Too funny.

M, I'd no idea how serious heel calluses could be... my gawd, that's some intense business there. I've never been able to brave getting a pedicure, what with my penchant for walking around barefoot in my neighborhood. After reading this, I think I fear to hear what the *artistes* might have to say about that!

5:42 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Now I'm depressed. No manicure and no pedicure going on here.

I'm a total slob.

6:19 PM

Blogger mireille said...

TLP, honey, you shoulda seen me before they worked their magic. My heels were HELL.

6:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellenisia. You probably should own that one. The gorgeous bottle is a top ten item of lust for me. I believe the bottle could be ALMOST as gorgeous as your heels.


PS I'm with Tan Lucy over in the corner. We are perhaps slobs, but darn nice people.

6:49 PM

Blogger mireille said...

well, that's the truth.

7:19 PM

Blogger mireille said...

I mean about being nice people. I seriously doubt either of you are slobs.

7:26 PM

Anonymous Victoria said...

Next week I am supposed to wake at 7:30am for a pedicure/manicure. I still cannot believe I agreed to that. There goes my own conception of myself as low-maintenance.

9:05 PM

Anonymous janey said...

Sounds like you could have met doris day there. When I lived in NY (a lifetime ago it seems) I'd pass the "red door" of Elizabeth Arden and always wonder what went on in there. Well wonder no more. And did you slough last night? I always want to pronouce the "g" when I see that word.

2:21 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

gosh, those women sound SCARY

i am too scared to let such people take a close peek at my much-neglected feet: can imagine the coffee break gossip fodder i'd be giving them!

think i can live with self-applied, semi-chipped blood red nail varnish on my toenails...

5:16 AM

Anonymous neko said...

I've had a pedicure two times in my life: pre-prom and my wedding.

Now that i think of it, the pedicurist and her budy did get a real kick out of my feet. They actually stoped and pointed and laughed mid pedicure. But they were Japanese ladies... no prom for them. They were probably jelous.

But really, in the age of the metrosexual male why are women worried about people thinking they're high-maintance? I'm not polished gal, but if you want to pamper yourself and feel pretty, more power to you.

9:48 PM


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