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Random Thoughts & Musings on Internet Influences

Created Tomato/Edam tart, thanks to Lex Culinaria and her grandmother. Excellent.

Baked Strawberry Custard tart, thanks to Prim Optimist. Jim is very happy.

Need to put together Earthquake Kit, thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl. California is awfully close; nervousness has ensued.

Thoughts swirl on Ways to Make Perfume Pay, thanks to NowSmellThis. In my case, pipedream. (Pipette dream. heh.)

Knitting scarf from great yarn, inspired by Scarf Style Knit-Along. Beautiful.

Thinking of shaving head so Cleopatra wig will fit better, a la Alex from Don't See In Here.

Must obtain sample of Beyond Paradise for Men, thanks to PerfumeNotes' Luca Turin. Euphoria anticipated. Continue to beat down secret crush on LT.

Made wilted spinach salad with gruyere and installed Cost of War counter on blog, thanks to mamiesb from well-known fragrance board. The salad was delicious. Look at those numbers.

Bucky is undergoing neural reprogramming, thanks to Anxiety Wrap suggested by Winterwheat of Yelling Fire in a Crowded Theater. Results still out.

Momentary flush of anger about Women on the Verge of Thinking's post today: runaway bride attempts to cash in. Wouldn't that effort be better spent on therapy? Or maybe that's why she wants the money.

Fight tendency to envy Victoria's writing style in Bois de Jasmin. Rededicate self to learning everything I can from her. Still a bit green (both meanings).

Find visual inspiration in Laurelines. Still viscerally lust for drawing done on patterned paper. Have no feelings whatsoever for nude male model.

Admire Urbanchick's rhubarb photography and sweet, sly humor. Imagine her children are adorable.

And this doesn't even address what I got out of Blogdorf Goodman, Brain Trapped In a Girl's Body, Catbird Journal, Crazy Jay Blue, Hrmph, Janey's Journey, Life in Paris, Make a Mental Note, Ombligo and never last or least, Seldom Nice Nowadays. But I do take away something valuable from each of them. Every day.

Have a good Saturday. I'm going to the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith to see if I can discern whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are really having an affair offscreen. Not that I care.

Today's fragrance: some faint whiffs of last night's Arpege, many thanks to G.


Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

And I admire c'est chic for her interesting posts, insightful comments, and beautiful visuals!

8:38 AM

Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Wow, what a great cooking day! Best I have done this week is to order some meatball subs. Can we come over for dinner?

On the runaway bride: as always, don't know what I'm talking about since I have barely paid attention, but doesnt' she owe some huge fine now? Wondering if that was what spurred her to sell her story.

On making perfume pay: good luck to both of us!

On Beyond Paradise: Victoria smelled it and said yuck. Crush on Luca may not mean you'll like his cologne.

On Victoria's writing style: have told her she should write a novel. So should you, for that matter. And so should Tania.

On Laurelines: wish she would come paint murals all over my house.

Enjoy the movie!!

10:46 AM

Anonymous janey said...

He's lavender not purple. Lavender Man ;>

12:38 PM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

golly gosh, i am humbled by getting a mention in your blog, really i am!! thank you for your kind words - compliments often render me speechless so i might not be posting today as a result!

did you know that yours was the very first blog i found doing the random blogspot search? and through you i have found many a brilliant blog (some of which you count amongst your own favourites)

time is limited (no sh*t!) and if i had more of it, i would read more blogs more regularly, but yours is one i look in on a few times a day because i love to hear where you mind is wandering...

oh, and btw, i didn't take the rhubarb shot! two words: google images! [but i like to think my kids are cute!]

2:14 PM

Anonymous janey said...

Well, thank you. Color is very important you know. Remember Mr. Pink's reaction when he found out his name.

3:44 PM

Blogger mireille said...


3:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Luca Luca, how do you manage to keep the women off?

You are simply the most desireable man among fragrance loving women...perhaps on the entire planet.

Sit. Speak to us of indoles and aldehydes and we will be yours forever.

(Just had to get that off my chest.)


4:31 PM

Blogger mireille said...

yeah, well, dare ya to tell him in person. You got the blog address. Go ahead. Dare ya.

4:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

M!!!! He reads your blog before he even starts his! Don't cha know.

Everyone stops in here to read your fab blog.

I will never write on the Turin site. My affection would be too obvious.

My DH might find out.

::hides face behind quaking hands:::


4:48 PM

Anonymous Victoria said...

Oh, I blushing beet red from being mentioned by you. You are such an amazing writer, and it improves my day to read your thoughts. When your novel comes out, I will be among your loyal fans.

Moreover, I cannot even begin to enumerate what I have learned from internet in general, and blogs of our marvelous women in particular. There is simply not enough space for that here!

Clearing, I was planning to write something about crushes on Luca Turin on my blog (not mine, of course, since I have a boyfriend who is able to identify rose from jasmine--I am not even asking for more. Yet. But soon I will...) Might have to use that quote of yours :) j/k Well, I had several dreams about Serge Lutens (no, we were just discussing fragrances)...

2:43 PM

Anonymous Laura said...

Well, dahling M, thank you very much for your sweet words about my art blog! I am so glad it gives you pleasure, platonic or otherwise!
I am a great fan of your blog, too, so in that we are very much alike. Thank you again for such a generous compliment.

3:12 PM

Blogger Whit said...

What a delightful post! Made me think about how much of my information and actions and directions and well, EVERYTHING comes from the internet.

(I'm not a fragrance wearer, so I will just learn the vernacular and fragrance culture vicariously.)

So glad I stopped by!

10:08 PM


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