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The World Is Tired Right Now

The world is tired right now.

Before I left the office yesterday, I looked down from the 8th floor and saw the Christmas carousel, now still.
Promenade trees, still wrapped in red and white lights, could be seen through the gray mist, but no children shrieked and laughed, no families celebrated.
The time for celebration of light and life in the midst of dark is over.
Now we wait.
It's that time when the old year is preparing to die ... and the new year not quite born.
We spend some time counting our sins, sins that we -- singularly and as a community -- committed this past year. War, cruelty, greed -- the world is too much with us.
And now we wait.
For a new beginning, a tabula rasa, an opportunity to do something different, something right.
Now we wait.

film still from the 2006 Russian Stalker


Blogger Doug said...

God bless all those too drunk to count their sins and too corrupt to remember their virtues.

6:55 PM

Blogger ariel said...

I find ends and beginnings have their own time, they don't care about our countings. Any time is a good time to drink, though.

2006 Stalker? Do you mean they remade the movie? Or is that a Russian magazine called Stalker? Stop laughing at me, I am really confused here! That photo caught me.

12:28 AM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Betwixt heaven and hell we do ponder.

6:13 AM

Blogger mireille said...

♥ T and D.
A -- it's a Russian film called Stalker made in 2006. I should change the phrasing but didn't want to use the term "film still" and "film" repetitively. Maybe more repetition means more clarity. btw, that dog is Bucky's virtual twin. they look exactly alike. xoxo

10:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So easy to wait our lives away...

11:49 AM


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