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The Best of 2007

Worth your attention in 2008!

1) Lush Rehab Shampoo
2) Lush Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease
3) Tom Ford Private Blend Noir de Noir
4) Green Cream
5) Skin MD Naturalâ„¢ Shielding Lotion
6) EcoDent Ultimate Daily Oral Rinse
7) Stila Kajal
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    Blogger Doug said...

    Thanks, Mireille! I haven't tried several of those products.

    Best to your pretty self in the new year.

    9:35 AM

    Blogger Grayburn said...

    Very nice list! I'm dying to try the Green Cream. The Kajal eyeliner sounds wonderful as well! That's going on my list of buys for the new year. Thanks and a wonderful 2008 to you!

    1:04 PM

    Blogger Gaia, the non-blonde said...

    Skin Md lotion made my list last year and has been a staple ever since first trying it. Such a wonderful product.

    Happy New Year!

    1:29 PM

    Blogger Carla said...

    I've heard good things about Green Cream. What level did you start at?

    Happy New Year!

    1:36 PM

    Blogger tsduff said...

    Happy New Year. I'm not much for beauty products (a lazy bird I'm afraid) but some sound enchanting (lush jasmine and henna fluff)

    1:45 PM

    Blogger mireille said...

    So nice to see all of you! Carla, I started at 3 and slowly worked up to 6. It's good to be careful if you have sensitive skin at all! xoxo

    2:54 PM

    Blogger Delphine said...

    I will definately look into the eco dent, sounds great...

    9:11 PM

    Blogger Victoria said...

    Green cream huh? I'll be checking that out! Thanks!
    Happy New Year,

    11:48 PM

    Blogger ariel said...

    I feel so clean and desirable only reading about all those things.

    4:49 AM

    Blogger Annieytown said...


    Tell me more about the Green Cream.

    I thought that specific Tom Ford scent was impressive. That is a collection that gets better the more you test it.

    I hope 2008 is fantastic for you! I send you massive hugs and best wishes from Ohio!

    3:27 PM

    Blogger Trina said...

    I think blogger/blogspot/etc. have been eating my comments - several I left for people never showed up :~P

    Anyhoo - I, too, want to hear your take on Green Cream! I've been curious about it for a while and would love your take on it!

    11:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I used to work in Lush but I was never very impressed with their haircare - loved their other products though.

    Stila kajal? What is it? I know Stila of course but kajal? It sounds like a kind of eyeliner to me, hehe ;)

    12:36 AM

    Blogger Jeanne said...

    Ooh! I bought Stila Kajal in Pearl (white) to line my waterline, but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. (Must have to do with putting a pencil on my waterline!) But if it made your best of '07, I probably ought to give it a try sooner rather than later! If their black Kajal pencil is any good, I'll have to pick it up...

    4:32 PM


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