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This Is A Placeholder Post

I don't have the time or the focus to write what I'm thinking about. But I don't want you reading my Easter post for the rest of the week. Now that Easter is over.

So, please consider this the test pattern -- you know, like the picture of the Indian Chief that used to be broadcast after midnight on your family's old black and white television -- until I can arrange my thoughts in an orderly fashion and give you something worth reading.

Hope you don't have to wait very long.


Blogger Logophile said...

This is a test of the Mireille broadcasting system...
I got my Besame samples yesterday and I am LOVING them!

9:09 AM

Blogger mireille said...

I am so glad, Logo! Aren't they nice cosmetics? xoxo

6:09 PM

Blogger WinterWheat said...

Now, now, not *everything* you post has to be profound. :-)

9:34 AM

Blogger Doug said...

I can wait all week. I'll just sit here. Maybe send out for potato chips.

10:06 AM


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