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To Tell the Truth

How much truth is too much truth? Just a meandering thought on a slow-brain day.

How much veracity do people really need? Don't all of us prefer a little fantasy with our information? A little embellishment, a little embroidery, a little elasticity of the verbatim, to cut the grit of real life?

It's a thin line between authentic emotion and the artful emoting that becomes literature, painting, photography. A writer, a painter, a photographer never tells the literal truth.

I try to always know where the truth is, even if I choose not to write it. I think the danger comes when you're not aware of the boundary ... and move forward blithely in your work, never knowing when you've slipped past true into false.

In your work, or in your life.

Heads Up by Alden Mason


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Very well put. Important to keep a foothold in the "truth" even as we create a greater illusion or fantasy.


6:57 AM

Blogger ariel said...

I find that good art is always of the truth even if not one word of the story told/painted/photographed/sung/danced is actually true. it's good because the truth is so difficult to put in words sometimes.

9:33 AM

Blogger Janey said...

Whenever my mother says something to me that hurts she always adds don't you want me to tell you the truth. And I say no, treat me like you would a stranger - be polite. My feeling is if it's going to hurt, don't say it. Telling yourself the truth is a totally different thing. It's the different between being a child and an adult. It's really easy to loose yourself in a fantasy world of half truths. I think I might be rambling here. Oh and hi there and how's the legal eagle doing?


6:47 PM


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