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Xenophobia? No.

Christopher Dickey, in this week's Newsweek, addresses the uproar over the Dubai company all set to take over operation of six (or is it seven? Eight?) American ports.

He paints a portrait of Americans as ... oh, let me quote him: "The United States looks increasingly wary, withdrawn, insecure and ill informed. Jingoism, xenophobia and thinly disguised racism may help win votes, but they won’t make the United States any safer."

Mr. Dickey: the American people have been fed a steady diet of jingoism, xenophobia and thinly disguised racism since September 12, 2001 by this administration. Some Americans fully digested it, and now regurgitate it back onto this administration.

The same administration that twists intelligence to propel us into war, generates continuous spin about how well the "Democratization of Iraq" is going and now -- secretly (we can only guess who's paying off whom in this deal) -- was on the verge of handing over our already vulnerable ports to ... who?

I am not xenophobic. I am not ill informed. I am not a racist.

I AM wary, withdrawn and insecure ...

... about an administration that I have never trusted and which now has just narrowly been stopped from -- apparently -- attempting to pull another fast one.

We are owed Congressional oversight of this deal. Contrary to His own belief, we do not yet have an imperial presidency, completely free of Constitutional checks and balances.

Not so fast there, Tex. (Oh, my mistake. You didn't even know what your administration was doing until a few days ago. Right?)


Blogger FreeThinker said...

You tell it like it (really) is!

3:12 PM

Blogger Trina said...

A-freaking-men! It's rough when someone turns the fan on and your own BS blows back in your face...

8:51 PM

Anonymous kyahgirl said...

Excellent rant M. Its just too scary!

7:55 AM

Anonymous logo said...

Preach it!
So, are you more wary of Dubai, or Tex?

7:55 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

This is just too scary for me! But right now, the ports are too scary for me. All those shipping containers coming in everyday, which are then trucked to every part of our country, and NO ONE is even randomly checking them out to see if explosives are in them.

12:06 PM


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