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rabbit, rabbit!

It is February 1 ...
rabbit, rabbit!


Blogger still life said...

Rabbit Rabbit!
Here's to a good February and enough carrots and carats for all.

11:12 AM

Blogger Fred said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

1:08 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

1:42 PM

Blogger Logophile said...

Even in Feb it is rabbit, rabbit?
Not groundhog, groundhog?
Poor little guy one gets one day a year, you'd think the bunnies would share.

2:46 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy February to you:)

3:35 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Can someone please explain to me what all this "rabbit rabbit" stuff is that I see throughout a bunch of these blogs? It wouldn't surprise me to find that I somehow am among the unhip...

8:59 AM

Blogger katiedid said...

tibbar, tibbar!

4:50 PM


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