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Monkey Love

Janey the Artist (who did this favorite drawing, left ... thanks for giving me an excuse to post it) developed a crush on one of the Arctic Monkeys (she falls fast, doesn't she?) ... and you can see her adoration posted on Janey's Journey . Go on over there. It's sweet.


Anonymous logo said...

So when they make it huge in the states you can now claim a small part in having expanded their fan base.
Wonder if they will send you a T shirt?

7:57 AM

Blogger Bela said...

You said, "Go over there!", so I went (I'm so obedient these days), and it is sweet. :-)

7:59 AM

Blogger AP3 said...

Thanks for the link! Very talented and sweet. And so is Janey!

8:12 AM

Blogger actonbell said...

Okay! But first, thank you for the Sudoku link--no, we hadn't seen that article. I was very surprised to read that it wasn't invented in Japan.

8:24 AM


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