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Supposed to Snow In Seattle


And it's the land of Freaked Out Drivers Who Only Know How to Drive in Rain.


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

I will gladly send you our rain if you wish to send us your snow. We haven't had any yet!

10:09 AM

Blogger Fred said...

I don't even know how to drive in the rain. Imagine how'd I be in the snow!

1:48 PM

Blogger Lulu said...

The whole of England comes to a standstill in snow. Trains, cars, buses. Also in rain with leaves (on the rail line), rain without leaves, hot sun for more than 4 days running (makes the roads crack), and anything really apart from 60 degrees and dry. We are a laughing stock even to ourselves.

3:31 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

We just got a dusting of snow on Thanksgiving. I hope you have a safe time! Actually, I think driving in heavy rain is scarier than snow.

3:58 PM

Blogger AP3 said...

I agree with actonbell -- heavy rain is actually worse, especially at night.

7:01 PM

Blogger Bela said...

Lulu, you might have left something for me to say about the UK! LOL!

Actually, it's always "the wrong kind of snow".

2:37 AM

Blogger Ariella said...

The AM, who is from the east coast originally, uses every snowfall as an occasion to point out this one superiority of east coast drivers, they know how to drive in the snow.

8:21 AM


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