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My Boyfriend's Back and You're Gonna Be in Trouble

More than 750 girl groups had a song on the U.S. and U.K. charts between 1960-1966 ...The Angels (later Angie and the Chicklettes), Shangri-las, Patti and the Bluebelles (Patti Labelle), The Ronettes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, the Chantelles, the Darnells, the ... well, more than 700 others.

A personal favorite by the Angels:


"He went away and you hung around
And bothered me every night
And when I wouldn't go out with you
You said things that weren't very nice"

My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)
When you see him comin', better cut out on the double (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)
You been spreading lies that I was untrue (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)

So look out now 'cause he's comin' after you (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)

Hey, he knows what you been tryin' And he knows that you been lyin'
He's been gone for such a long time (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)

Now he's back and things'll be fine (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)
You're gonna be sorry you were ever born (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)

'cause he's kinda big and he's awful strong (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)

My boyfriend's back, he's gonna save my reputation (Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)
If I were you, I'd take a permanent vacation
(Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)


Blogger Bela said...

I hesitate to say: I've always liked male voices better than female ones, apart from a few exceptions (like Joan Baez or Nina Simone or... one or two others), so I'm not that fond of girl groups.

It isn't quite the same but think of Allegri's Miserere sung by a little girl. Aaaargh the agony!

zexohv: zockso misspelt

8:17 PM

Blogger mireille said...

AAAARGH *off to find Allegri's Miserere to enable appropriate response* ZOCKSO!

8:24 PM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

The high humidity here is keeping me awake making it hard to breath. I seem to be getting waves of old songs playing in my head, too. It must be a current of the super-conscious or something.

2:13 AM

Anonymous Lulu said...

Aha, this one I know! (*humming*).

Interesting subcultural observation - in the 70s when I was a young teen, and yes indeed Michael Jackson was It for my London schoolfriends, it was my Indian (Gujurati) best friend and her four sisters who used to have the whole Motown collection. We used to do karaoke with it before there was karaoke - her dad was a radio engineer and he invented a way to get the lyric track quietened down to almost nothing while leaving the music (we thought this was magic!), so we could sing along, and we recorded our efforts on a tinpot little external tape recorder. Can you imagine the supreme fun? Especially for an only child...

5:24 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

You know there is a book called something like, "In a Different Voice," which speaks to the issue of our preferring a male voice over a female voice. It sad news for us. A man can say the same thing a woman says, but people (male and female) respond to the male in a different (usually better) way. Sorry for getting all serious there.

I love girl bands. 'Course I love boy bands too.

6:00 AM

Blogger Bela said...

TLP, I think they use that bit of research to keep female newscasters away from the spotlights and the important slots, but I read recently that men have actual trouble "hearing" female voices.

I should have added that I adore opera sung by women - it's mostly "a lot of" girls together singing in high-pitched voices I can't stand (and little girls pretending they're as good as boy sopranos).

6:52 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

psst, you don't need a boyfriend to do the job missy. I can't see anyone getting past your cutting edge if you decided to bring an obnoxious person into line. Then again, you could always encourage your friend Bucky to have a nibble on some delicate bits. That would be a good deterrent!

(These old 'powerless' female songs have always annoyed me)

8:14 AM

Blogger cjblue said...

We both have music posts today, LOL! I worked in a casino in Las Vegas that used to have those Motown groups all the time. I went occasionally. Always one old original band member and a bunch of young nobodies who do most of the singing - usually very well.

qazwa: The next country we'll be invading. Just as soon as we figure out where it is.

8:51 AM

Blogger mireille said...

And there's power and there's power! zockso!

9:07 AM

Blogger still life said...

How nice, it's been fun singing these last few days. I find that I'm not real crazy about groups in general. Well, I guess modern groups. With jazz I tend to listen to both male and female, Little Jimmy Scott being my favorite. And yes you're right, you can't go wrong with Nina Simone (put a little sugar in my bowl).
I left a comment earlier this week regarding female voices as sports newscasters, there's definitely a need, maybe it's a conspiracy.

4:44 PM


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