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And if I may just provide a brief s(n)ide comment?

A shadow now descends over the land as women must finally acknowledge that football season is in full swing. Although I wasn't even home yesterday, I am about to be involved (that means I can hear it, and see it out of the corner of my eye) in my fourth football game in two days.

And this is that heartwrenching time of the year when baseball season overlaps football season and hard decisions must be made. (Although someone in this house has been known to have one game on television, one game on radio and another game on internet as he reads the sports section and rotates from medium to medium.)

Rest assured, if the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots or the University of Michigan are playing anywhere in the world, we're all over it. I know that gives me a warm feeling inside.

p.s. Jim says this is just me playing to my base. That isn't true, is it, homegirls?

Today's fragrance: Rose Incense layered over Pour Une Saison solid. Smoky rosiness. Not sweet. It's good.


Blogger Urban Chick said...

battle of the sports?

doesn't happen in this household

now battle of the food channels...nigella, rick, nigel - ah...

9:55 AM

Blogger Jonniker said...

We're having a hard time here in Florida - we couldn't get the package for the Sox, as it was too late in the season, and we're really determining whether the cost will be worth it for the Pats every week.

What do you guys do? How do you get all the games you need! We're DYIN' heah!

10:10 AM

Blogger NowSmellThis said...

LOL at the cartoon!

Can I just add as well that I am so sorry that the silly hockey league has ceased their pointless bickering and will actually hold real *gasp* hockey games this year. We have plenty of sports to watch already, thank you.

12:48 PM

Blogger AP3 said...

So Sox! Go Pats!

Not lookin' good for the Pats today, I'm afraid.

1:13 PM

Blogger still life said...

Yes, football season absolutely has to be the worst. I can pretty much tolerate the game, it is the incessant drone of the commentator that always gets to me.
Why can't they get women to do it? First of all we are more detail oriented and so much more pleasant to listen to.

4:23 PM

Blogger Sum kinda princess said...

I too am a sports widow and it's sad, but I know more about sports now that I married this man than I know about Barbie. Or anything else feminine for that matter. GREAT blog! Thanks for the laugh, I'll be back

4:25 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Watching sports is how we show our love.

5:39 PM

Blogger Femme said...

Sports.... the other fascination in a mans mind. Did you know that there are 3 things that keep these creatures from mars alive?

Their breathing organ the penis.

Great posts as usual


8:25 AM

Blogger mireille said...

GOOD TO KNOW!!! zockso!

9:30 AM


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