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Insomnia and Where It Can Lead

Consumer warning: This is a dull post. If I were you, I'd skip it and go straight down to Today's fragrance. You'll find more real content in that.

Here at Chez Chic, it's apparently Walt Disney Week, when insomnia can lead you to looking up Snow White on Wikipedia where you learn ...

"There are numerous popular ideas as to the presence of occult significance or symbolism within the movie, Snow White, mostly centered around the Dwarves themselves.

"For example, one theory holds that the seven dwarves correspond to the seven chakras, and that Snow White represents consciousness moving through them.

"Other ideas are less philosophically complex, such as correspondences to the altered states of consciousness inherent in the use of certain drugs.

"In one theory, Snow White is cocaine, which causes exhaustion (Sleepy, Dopey), mood swings (Happy/Grumpy), allergies (Sneezy) and alteration of personality (Bashful)."

Insomnia can lead you to google-images looking for the Sleepy Dwarf, to see if he really looks like a drug addict.

It can lead you to the medicine cabinet where you ferret out a couple of tablets of diepenhydramine (that's perfectly legal over-the-counter benadryl, she said defensively) just so you can get the image of Sleepy Dwarf snorting an illicit substance out of your brain.

It can lead you to thinking: Ick. Is nothing sacred?

Today's fragrance: Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely via Cynthia's patented YakMail. "It made me love it, I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to do it." It's very pretty, darn it. Notes of lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini (!), paper whites and musk. Ok, what my limited nose can discern are lavender, amber and musk. And, again, it's very VERY pretty. Thank you, C.
In drydown, Lovely becomes a very soft Sung Sha with an undernote of amber.


Blogger Kate said...

I love Snow White. How weird that people add all these odd significances to an animated children's movie. :-)

I find it more interesting when you see revealed split second frames of something naughty that the animators put in there just for their own amusement. Think of all the hours and hours of work drawing every frame? The animation in those old Disney movies is astonishing. Bambi is so beautiful too. I love that scene in Bambi with the raindrops. But I hate how it gave people this overly sentimental negative image of deer hunting.

Well, hope you got some good sleep. :-)

6:35 AM

Blogger ParisLondres said...


Take good care.


7:35 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Did you read The Da Vinci Code? He mentions something in there about Disney movies having some kind of symbolism related to the Catholic church or the secret order, I can't remember exactly now.
Is it today yet? :-)

8:12 AM

Blogger Bela said...

Snow White has nothing to do with Disney: it's a traditional fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, and all fairy tales have hidden, psychoanalytical meanings - see Bruno Bettelheim's book on the subject.

I won't comment on the Da Vinci Code reference (I could get violent, LOL!).

It's so funny, M: I read that Wikipedia article yesterday too. That Maleficent picture led me to it.

And I have nights like yours quite often.

8:28 AM

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Oh J, I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Da Vinci code! Did the whole book make you feel violent of just parts of it?

8:55 AM

Anonymous janey said...

When I can't sleep (not often I'm blessed with an instant sleep habit - I think it comes from all those years sleeping on subways on the way to work but I digress) I draw until my head hits the table. A cat then starts to nuzzle me so he can be scratched I mean why else do I exist. As for fairy tales - the Brothers G got their fairy tales from folk tales and isn't it a shame we can't take things at face value and just enjoy and what other image is there for deer hunting except for a negative one?

9:47 AM

Blogger Bela said...

Yes, the Brothers Grimm adapted folk tales, which makes Snow White even more remote from Disney. Just like Greek myths they have meanings beyond the obvious and are an attempt to explain life. Children, who take them at face value, are taught about separation, loss, the incest taboo (Peau d'Ane), good and evil, etc. We, as adults can go further. It does not spoil any pleasure we can derive from them or detract from their poetry and beauty.

As for the Da Vinci Code, I probably shouldn't have said anything since I haven't read it. I have, however, heard excerpts read out on a TV a programme about it. I'm afraid I thought it was absolute tosh. Badly written too (at least the bits I heard).

4:00 PM

Blogger Lady Disaster said...

just passing by and i noticed your blog. just wondering, why are you writing about insomnia? i get it a lot. interesting blog. stop by mine if u have time = )

5:37 PM

Blogger actonbell said...

I hope you're soon over that insomnia. It's awful. Have a good weekend, rest up!

6:17 PM

Blogger AP3 said...

Yeah, I had insomnia last night... no fun. Feel better!

8:28 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I have insomnia often. No fun if you stay in bed, but if you get up and read blogs, it's fine.

This was another good one.

8:58 PM


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