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"Color has got hold of me, I no longer need to grasp it." Paul Klee

To see more beautiful color, please check out artblogs Laurelines and Janey's Journey (links at right).

Today's fragrance: Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise. Notes: Eden's Mist, Blue Hyacinth, Orange Flower Templar, Jabuticaba Fruit, Orchid, Jasmin, Honeysuckle, Plum Blossoms.

Mmmm, Jabuticaba fruit!
Jabuticaba Fruit Fun Facts! Grape-like in appearance and texture but with a thicker, tougher skin. Most California fruit is dark purple to almost black in color. Gelatinous whitish pulp contains from one to four small seeds and has a pleasant, subacid flavor markedly similar to certain muscadine grapes. The skin has a slight resinous flavor that is not objectionable. Fruit may be produced singly or in clusters from the ground up all over the trunk and main branches, and the plant may fruit up to five times per year. Fresh fruit is delicious eaten out-of-hand and can be made into jellies, jams, wine [and perfume!]. The skin is high in tannin and should not be consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. [But presumably ok when juice is splashed liberally on your skin]

But, seriously, Mr. Turin, this fragrance is awfully sweet. I can feel my teeth decaying just from proximity to my wrists. Sweet AND flowery.

Maybe it's a miracle of modern science, what with the Eden's Mist and exotic, with its touch of the magic Jabuticaba fruit (ole!) but I don't want this scientific syrup in my nostrils.

I still respect you, though. xoxoxoxoxo


Anonymous Victoria said...

I am fascinated by Paul Klee, especially his works concerning death and war, place of an individual between these great tidal forces. I love the delicate quality of his drawing. The painting you posted is one of my favourites, with its burst of colour.

8:14 AM

Anonymous Laura F. said...

God, do I have some GREAT friends or what?? Love you, darlin' M!
Thank you from zee bottom of zee 'earrrht.

8:44 AM

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

I don't really get that kind of art. Hope everything passes okay, whatever it is that is making you sickish. I remember you talking about Alphonse and loved that post, but this image is not a gecko, but an iguana. I am testing it to see if the guy called The Lazy Iguana wants it for his id picture. We'll put Icy's pic back up later. I wish I could understand that art, but it just --zip-- goes right over my head. Icy, my dog, said that when she feels bad like you do now, she goes out in the yard and chews on fresh grass.

11:27 AM

Blogger mireille said...

please tell Icy thank you for the tip ... that's what Bucky does, too. xoxoxoxo

11:34 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

i love that klee print

never seen it before but it reminds me of one of those indian wall hangings (you know the ones i mean?)

are you better? hope so...


1:30 PM

Blogger AP3 said...

That is beautiful.

2:59 PM

Anonymous janey said...

oh my goodness. Thank you very much, that's so nice of you. and I hope you're feeling better. If I can talk about my cat upchucking, you can talk about your tummy ache. Besides, it's your blog so go and blog.

3:44 PM

Anonymous janey said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I totally agree with Mr. Klee there - color is everything. If you let it, it will fill you up.

6:52 PM


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