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As The Red Queen Commands

Thanks to the Red Queen of She'll Be Feverish After So Much Thinking, I get to tell you more about me than maybe you ever wanted to know:

4 jobs I've had:
Library assistant at the University of Michigan
Ad salesperson for ATT
Hospital public relations assistant

4 movies I'd watch over and over:
Anne of The Thousand Days
Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
and, of course, The Messenger

4 places I've lived, apart from where I live now:
Manila, Philippines
Tuebingen, Germany
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Fairbanks, Alaska

4 TV shows I love:
Law and Order Criminal Intent
Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals (she's just so damn cheerful)
Masterpiece Theater

4 places I've been on holiday:
San Francisco
New York
Independence, Kansas

4 websites I visit daily:
Waking Ambrose
Blogs spun from the Fragance Board (you know who you are)
and c'est chic, of course

4 favorite foods, in abstract (meaning, they sound good but not always are):
BBQ ribs
Fried chicken
Pot roast
Chipped beef on toast
(and remember, I'm a wannabe vegetarian)

4 places I'd rather be right now:
Someplace warm.
Someplace fashionable.
Someplace very old.
Someplace very beautiful

4 books I enjoy re-reading:
Anything by Diana Gabaldon, especially
Anything by Dorothy Dunnet, especially
The Lymond Chronicles
The House of Niccolo

4 CDs that never leave my rotation:
It has been so long since I've concentrated on what music I'm listening to, I can't answer this.

4 people I'm tagging (no guarantees or promises to participate expected)(Hope I don't duplicate)(Tagging is such a dangerous business):
Jamie of 10SignsLikeThis
Liz of PocketFarm
Doug of Waking Ambrose
Lucy of TanLucyPez

Thanks for including me, Your Majesty! (Btw, you smell good.)


Blogger Bela said...

Interesting jobs you've had.
And, wow, the places you've been on holiday to! Nice.

I've been ordered to do this too. Law and Order: Criminal Intent and someplace warm will feature in my list, that's for sure. :-)

7:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I don't know who I am! It's a philosophical and spirtual quandry!

I really love PBS, too. I should have picked Mystery myself. I've been loving the Foyle's War reruns, they're so much better than I remembered them being.

Your four favorite foods crack me right up. You're a very meaty gal, M, I never would have guessed that about you!

I hope someday you talk a little bit more about the Phillipines than you have already. Those entries where you talked about being little there were some of your best. (I have to go look up where in Germany Tuebingen is located, because I'm suddenly feeling geographically disabled. Never even heard of it before! Eeep!)

7:13 PM

Blogger red-queen said...

Thanks for doing this - it's nice to get to know you better!

I've been a practicing vegetarian for 5 years, but still prone to drool over mention or smell of good BBQ ribs. And applewood-smoked bacon...!

Gabaldon's books are amazing - but I started getting aggravated at the diluted story line after the first two. I should re-read them - thanks for the inspiration!

3:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooooo boy...this now makes two memes stacked up in my queue...will I ever manage to finish one? ;-)

5:11 AM

Blogger Doug said...

I get it, the old flatter-and-tag gambit. Thanks, Mireille. Is it ok if this takes me a while?

5:26 AM


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